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Use Big Data to your Advantage

The other day I was shopping at Macy’s and I tweeted about a fancy coat that I saw in there. I immediately got a response from Macy’s saying “Glad to know”. All businesses that are putting big data
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Analytics at Home

In my house, my wife knows our children and their idiosyncrasies, what they like, what they don’t like, how each of our sons would react to a given circumstance a little better than what I do. I am not bad at it,
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Data Preprocessing

Principal Component Analysis seems to be a good choice at that point, because I had this idea in the beginning of removing useless pixels and pca just takes it some steps further by considering the variance of each feature.
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Big Data in Finance

Financial service companies have no product to manufacture. For them data is everything. Data is their most important asset. They have millions of transactions each day adding to their data pile.
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Big Data reference architecture

A reference architecture shows the building blocks using which one can draw out solutions for each specific use case by combining some of these blocks.
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