Get deep insights on your customer and deliver customized experience


We are a team of Data Scientists and Big Data (Hadoop) Engineers with advanced degrees (PhDs). Our team carries a combined experience of 50+ years in Technology, Data Analysis, Data Science, IT Engineering, and Big Data. We have worked with multiple Fortune 100 clients in the US in domains as varied as Finance, Pharma, Retail, High-Tech, Telecom, Insurance, Government, just to name a few. We bring this combined knowledge to you when we work on your data problems.

What We Do

Our process is as follows In our initial meetings we will understand your data. We take a deep dive on a sample dataset that you might share with us or show us and understand how much of it can be put to good use. After that, we develop an initial strategy and propose a proof of concept (POC) work to you. If you are happy with the POC work then we discuss a real project with you and give you a detailed proposal for your actual project Our proposal will show you how we can increase your revenue (through new upsell and cross-sell opportunities), recommend new products/services to your customers, reduce fraud, conduct a sentiment analysis on what your customers think of you, or do some other custom work that gives immediate value to your business.